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Health Insurance & Medicare

For over 17 years, our associates have been using their expertise to provide clarity on the complicated questions that surround Medicare, Social Security, and planning for retirement. Through education, transparency, and discussion, they gain deeper insight into the client’s health and financial situation. They take the time to understand the specific needs of each client, and know healthcare and retirement is not “one size fits all”. With Michigan offering 54 Medicare Advantage Plans, dozens of Medigap Plans, and 29 Prescription Drug Plans, clients can easily become overwhelmed. When it comes to Medicare, there are many misleading advertisements that omit facts and embellish benefits. Having a licensed agent help you objectively navigate the decision-making process is invaluable. Hemlock Insurance Group is affiliated with all the Medicare carriers in the state of Michigan including: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Priority Health, Aetna, HAP, and AARP. This connectedness affords clients more options in coverage benefits and premium price. Our goal is to help clients make informed decisions and match them with a plan that best suits their healthcare needs within their budget.